What is Sports Elite?

Contemplating what is about to happen

Sports Elite is a service aimed at men and women who are targeting a smooth transition from sport to the world of work and beyond. Central to this is the management of finances,  as make no mistake, it is all about the money. We don’t need to detail the painful stories in the media about fallen stars who have succumbed to the latest get-rich-quick scheme.

Based at our gated riverside offices on one of the world’s most famous sporting venues, Thameside can help build and protect the wealth of sports stars who want to stay in the mainstream of financial planning and avoid the potential pitfalls of other methods of wealth management.

Who are Thameside?

Thameside’s owner, Tom Kean, has been involved in sport as long as he can remember, and is able to offer a suite of services not only to current sports stars, but also to rising talent who recognise the need to plan for the future – a future, that is, like their sport, highly unpredictable.

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How can Thameside help?

Thameside can create a model of the future and stress test it against best and worst case scenarios as described by the athlete. A sudden loss of form; illness or injury; a loss of a major endorsement. And ultimately retirement from sport – an elite level sports person has too much on their plate, and retiring from sport is either the last thing on their mind, or deliberately put aside for another day. First and foremost they need a trusted partner to help model their future and manage their finances. This needs to be flexible and tailored to the individual, and if needs be working with leading business mentors and professional psychologists to create a design for life after sport.

But it’s not just the super-high earning stars that need help with the transition. There are plenty of Lottery funded athletes that need a better vision of the future, and Thameside can help here too. Moving from low income to a more normal level also has its challenges.


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Central to the work we do is our financial modelling software which projects assets and liabilities into the future. Any number of stress tests can be performed, with the ultimate goal of having a plan mapped out far more accurately than perhaps imagined. Align this to robust and mainstream tax planning, and you get a winning strategy for a prosperous life after sport.

Next step?

Potential clients are welcome to visit us to find out more and see how we’ve helped others in this field.

Our Happy Clients:

I am very grateful to you and your team for the excellent customer service and hard work you have put in.

Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. I am very happy with everything we decided on and will have my pen in my hand ready and waiting.JB
I believe you are doing your best to protect your client's interests, which I have always found to be true.