The main reason for writing, though, is to thank you and everyone at Thameside for the wonderful service you have provided in securing me such a generous Enhanced Annuity........ cross quoted you with XXXX, a very large financial services company, and their annuity quotation was over £1,000 p.a. less than the figure previously obtained - and on a small pension, this represents a sizeable differerence. This makes your service even more impressive..... I am very grateful to you and your team for the excellent customer service and hard work you have put in.


I also greatly appreciate all your (collectively) help with the ever increasing complicated world of pensions ...


Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. I am very happy with everything we decided on and will have my pen in my hand ready and waiting.


I believe you are doing your best to protect your client's interests, which I have always found to be true.


In the past 25 years I've had 7 partners, 12 homes, 7 employers and only 1 Financial Adviser. Many many thanks Tom for twenty five years of sound professional advice that's helped me retire 5 years earlier than if I'd been left to my own devices....